Month: September 2017

How I Make Healthy Eating Simpler

One common idea is how complicated it is to eat healthy. I really do believe this is just another very effective marketing tactic. 

Eating healthy really isn’t as hard, confusing, and complicated as people make it seem. But thanks to years of bad science, high-paid lobbying, and billion-dollar marketing, we’re perceiving what’s obvious and simple as super complicated and hard to figure out. (That’s life though huh? Anyways…)

Here are the rules I’ve learned to implement over the years to make healthy eating more concrete and straightforward in my life. Implement these and I’m sure healthy eating will get super simple for you also. No more confusion. Well, way less of it anyways.

Repeat These Words: “Healthy Eating IS EASY!”

It all starts with how we think, what we believe, and what we’re constantly saying to ourselves.

Telling yourself healthy eating is too hard, you can’t find nothing healthy you like to eat, or, my mom’s personal favorite, “damn, I can’t eat nothing,” will make healthy eating much harder than it is. And you will hold onto and find a thousand reasons as to why you can’t eat healthy.

Cut all of that out by reminding yourself that healthy eating is easy. Also, keep in mind and constantly tell yourself that healthy eating makes you feel way better than eating bull shit. Counter “this is hard” type of thinking with “this is easy” ideas.

Tell yourself things that’ll support your goals including how easy it is to eat healthy.

In working to overcome binge eating, I’ve found I tell myself that I wish I could eat like regular people (whatever that means) or I say it’s not fair that I have to cut out foods I think taste really good.

I’ve started countering these thoughts with reminders of how sick and unhealthy I was because I ate like “regular” people. Or I give thanks for being fortunate enough to have the knowledge of and access to high-quality, nutrient-dense foods. I changed my thinking.

A Simple List of Foods I Do and Don’t Eat  

There’s a simple list of things I don’t eat and know for damn sure are not healthy to eat. There is no if, ands, or buts about them. I know they’re trash, make me feel miserable, and really aren’t worth the “but life is too short” jive. Life is shorter with them.

Then there’s a really simple list of things I do eat. If it was grown or raised humanely, ethically, naturally, with a proper diet, and free of chemicals, I eat it. Sounds complicated, but I ensure you it’s pretty simple. If eating humanely raised seems like a reach for you, then go for real foods period. They don’t have to be organic. Just more real.

The easiest rule to follow when learning to eat healthier and make it simple is to keep your diet real. Only eat real foods of fruits, vegetables, meats, fats, roots, and nuts. Some people still eat rice and beans even. Keep your diet real.

Seriously… Plan Ahead and Cook Ahead

This advice is old as dirt and said in so many ways. Why? I bet it’s because planning ahead really does work. It helped my ass out.

My healthy food used to go bad. I was spending money on groceries and then buying fast-food because I was “too busy” to pack my meals. I was also buying way too much food.

Then I got to making my lists and cooking once a week. Changed. My. Life.

Honestly, if you want to get more time during your days, do as much as you can ahead of time. Rather that’s cooking, washing clothes, writing content, or getting errands done. If you can get those things done once a week instead of once a day, do that.

This saves time, frees up more time, gets things done, and helps you better reach your goals.

Planning ahead makes healthy eating simple because the hard part of choosing and prepping is done. Being too busy or too tired or too confused to eat healthy is hard to do when the food is already made and ready to go besides maybe some heating.

Try My “No” Self-Discipline Challenge

Want to really test yourself and get over your habitual cheating? Try my “No” Self-Discipline Challenge.

Anything that isn’t on the food plan of your choice is a solid “NO.” There is no debating, no “just this once,” and for damn sure no “I’ll do better on Monday.” The answer is always NO. Check out this post for details.


Start by giving yourself a solid affirmation, or a few affirmations if needed, that healthy eating is easy and for you. Thinking and telling yourself healthy eating is hard is truly what makes healthy eating hard. If you’re ready to start eating healthy, tell yourself it’s easy.

Have a simple list of foods you do eat and a simple list of foods you don’t eat. According to what’s healthy for humans, real foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, meats, and natural fats) are good to put on your list of foods you do eat. Foods that are heavily processed, fake and toxic don’t belong on your list. Capeesh?

Beat your excuses by planning ahead. Cooking and meal prep once a week is like one of those old-as-time fitness tips. It’s that way because it works. Pay attention.

Lastly, give my “No” Self-Discipline Challenge a try. No matter what, if the food isn’t on your plan, the answer should always be NO. No debating or compromising.

Well, this is how I make eating healthy simple. I pretty much don’t give myself the room I know my cravings will take full advantage of. Beating my bull shit to the punch.

10 Bomb Ass Motivational Compilations Perfect For Getting Shit Done In The AM

I’m up at 3:15 AM five days a week.

My weekday mornings are pretty busy. I workout between 4 and 5:15-ish then I come home to shower, pack my meal prep for the day, ready my purse, and pack my gym bag for after-work cardio sessions.

I’m not playing this off-season, I say!

Workdays, I’m up at 3:15 AM and in bed by 9 PM with lots of life and goal pursuing in between. This can get tiring and has definitely challenged my will power.

Especially with the first week back at it consistently, with the new job, and following my “no” self-discipline challenge.

My “secret” sauce has been motivational compilation videos from YouTube.

Like, I knew they existed. I’ve even listened to plenty of them. But this past week has been the first time I’ve played them after my gratitude meditation when I’m tempted to get “just 10 more minutes” of sleep.  

And they work like a charm when I’m kneeling on the edge of my bed because I’ve slid out of it onto my knees in a half-ass attempt to get up.

Do you know how easy it is to fall back asleep when kneeling on the side of your bed at the crack of crack of dawn? Easy!

Anyways… With these videos playing during those crucial moments, I’ve made it to my feet and off to the gym. I can tell they’ve also helped me stick to my transformation routine throughout the day.

Hope they help you out also.

Wake Up With Determination

Upgrade Your Values

Stay Committed To Your Dreams

10 Minutes That Will Change Your Life 

Improvement Begins With I

Wake Up Positive

Self Discipline Daily

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail 

Results or Excuses 

Eric Thomas & Les Brown | I’m On My Way

Make a playlist of these videos for quick access and add some of your own.

Got some you already use to fuel your drive? Share the good. Let me know which one(s) below!

6 Tips That Actually Worked To Optimize Weight Loss While Sleep

When I first got back to the states, I practiced these things during the day and before bed. I saw noticeable changes in my body quickly. And the scale was doing some good thangs too.

My results were so good one night that my waist beads fell off. I stood out of bed and they rolled right off my waist and onto the floor. Kid you not.

Not only do the methods listed below help with weight loss during sleep, but they also helped me get the most regenerative, brain power boosting, subconscious connecting, make you wanna type of sleep ever!

Fast a few hours before sleep

Ok, so what I’ve been seeing around is that it’s ok to eat close to bedtime. It’s a health myth that the body gains weight if you go to bed on a full tummy. It is found that our metabolisms stay the same and the body is still using calories. Bottom line, eating before bed does not cause weight gain.

HOWEVER, I’ve found in my own experiment that going to bed on an empty stomach, giving my body a few hours to digest food before bed, helps me see the most weight loss and get the most out of sleep.

I figured the reason this works is that the body isn’t spending energy to digest food so it has more energy to regenerate and remove waste during sleep.

Most times I have my dinner 5 hours before bed, but I think 2 to 3 hours between the last meal and sleep works also.

Note: If you are fresh off of heavily processed foods, still eat heavily processed foods, or new to low-carb, this might be a serious challenge that will keep you up. You likely will be hungry at night and need to eat.

Turn off electronics at least 45 minutes to an hour before bed

Have you ever found yourself popping up in the middle of the night? Sometimes it’s what you ate, but a lot of times it’s because you were watching your electronics way too late.

I’ve watched a few gurus speak on the effects of electronics on sleep. I decided to give it a try on myself. It only took a week for me to start sleeping longer hours without popping up in the middle of the night.

Electronics give off lights that trick our bodies into thinking it’s daytime. So even when you’ve fallen asleep, your body begins the process of waking you up. In a few hours, you’re up.

Give it a try. Turn off your electronics an hour to 45 minutes before bed for two weeks and see what happens. It might take some time for your body to adjust, but I bet your sleep will see some type of improvement.

Stop exercising right before bed

I’ve had friends swear that working out before bed was best for them. They’d say the workout tired them out and helped them get drool-worthy sleep.

Those that oppose sleep close to bedtime say exercise too soon to bed negatively affects your circadian rhythm by raising your stress hormones which are designed to also keep you alert.

I workout first thing in the morning and might do a second workout before 3 pm. By my bedtime, I am hella ready to sleep. Eyes heavy and everything.

When I worked out past dark it took me longer to fall asleep and I’d actually lay in bed with an “excited” type of rush. It was interesting when I got a taste of the difference. lol

Give your body a few hours to rest and chill out for better sleep.


Don’t drink caffeine past 3 pm

Caffeine is something I found snuck up on me too like the electronics. I was waking up in the middle of the night if I had caffeine too late.

Caffeine can hinder your sleep, and reduce its beneficial effects by raising your stress hormone and causing alertness. This keeps your sleep too light to reach into those states of sleep where the magic happens.

If your schedule works out where you can sleep at night, quit drinking caffeine after 3 pm. But if you need the caffeine because you’re up at night, give yourself at least 3 to 5 hours between caffeine and bedtime.

Go for a light walk outside before bed and get more sunlight during the day

Believe it or not, our bodies are evolutionarily still the same bodies they were over 40,000 years ago. That’s way before electronics and all this indoor living, during a time when human bodies also followed the rhythm of the sun.

Sunlight helps your body know when it’s time to go to bed and when it’s time to get up.

I did notice a bit of a difference in my sleep. The most benefit I experienced was improved mood and getting sleepy less during the middle of the day. I think the days I didn’t need a nap I slept better at night.

Eat healthy throughout the day

Eating clean, nutrient dense, wholesome, natural foods keep the body properly fueled. Being properly fueled means the body can do what it has to do including have good sleep.

Eating clean also helped with hunger before and after sleep. It’s much easier to fast and intermittent fast on a clean diet. Trust me. I know.

Besides sleep, good food improved my mood, energy levels, complexion, blood sugar, weight management, and appetite.


These are suggestions based on what I’ve experienced while working on getting better sleep and improving weight management. I’ve picked up some of these tactics reading and watching health information and just putting information together.

Weight was shed and my sleep improved.