20 min full body HIIT workouts for home… for when you sorta don’t wanna

I like getting in one of these full-body HIIT workouts at home on those days I don’t feel like working out. It’s those days when my mind is just “this” close to convincing me to skip exercise, shower, and just get to working. I bargain with myself and end up with a quick 20 minute powerful HIIT workout that zooms right by. The workout is finished before I know it and I’m good to go. 

Today, I’ve gathered 10 favorite go-to HIIT workouts from YouTube that are full-body, QUICK, and make you feel like you’ve actually done something when you were thinking about not doing a damn thing.

Cool right?

Quick 20 min full body HIIT workouts perfect for when you sorta don't wanna Pinterest pin

How to get you some motivation when you don’t feel like working out

View your vision board. | Have you ever tried thinking about skipping your workout while looking at pictures of your body goals? Try it sometime if not.

Watch motivational videos on YouTube. | I had no clue listening to motivational speeches played over motivational music while watching people workout could be so motivating. This is a good one: Best Motivational Video 2019…

Keep track of your wellness journey. | It helps to not only track your workouts, but to also have data that could tell what led to feeling less motivated for a workout like what food you ate or your mood.

Link your goals to your values. | You might learn your lack of motivation is due to having fitness goals that are actually out of alignment with your values. A good read on this is Values-Based Goal Setting: How To Dream Big and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live by Stephanie Dee Smith.

Invest in some workout clothes. | You’d be surprised how motivated you’d get to work out in some sweet workout gear.

Work on your mindset. | Having a daily mindset practice to help you get focused and find motivation and inspiration can DEFINITELY make the difference. Getting your mind in alignment with your goals is pretty important to achieving them. Read my posts 10 Powerful Weight Loss Hacks for Women Tired of Struggling and Build Self-Discipline to Lose Weight: 6 Unusual Methods for more tips on this.

Do shorter, full-body workouts at home. | Short HIIT workouts are short and intense. Perfect for when you don’t feel like (or don’t have the time for) your usual workout.

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1. No Squats! No Lunges! No Jumping! Full Body FAT BURN

By MrandMrsMuscle

2. 25 minute HIIT workout | No Equipment Needed

By Toni Mitchell

3. African Dance Workout 20 min (Fun!!) | Afrifitness | No equipment

By Afrifitness

4. 20 Min Demanding Full Body HIIT Workout // No Equipment

By Caroline Girvan

5. 20 Min Home HIIT Workout // No equipment, no noise, no impact

By Natacha Océane

6. 20 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout (Bodyweight/No Equipment)

By Juice & ToyaJuice & Toya

7. 20 Minute // Full Body HIIT Workout With Weights

By Heather Robertson

8. 20 min Full Body HIIT Workout – Beginner Strength – 40s/40s Intervals

By Group HIIT 

9. 20 min Full Body HIIT Fat Burn (Burns 500 Calories!!) | No Equipment

By growwithjo

10. 20 min full body HIIT Workout (no equipment, no jumping)

By Abby Pollock

quick 20 min full body HIIT workouts Pinterest pin

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