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10 Popular Plus Size Workouts and Workout Routines You’ll Want to Do

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 by Latrice

On the hunt for some plus-size friendly workouts and workout routines, I gathered 10 popular plus size workouts women are loving to add to my routines.

Whether you’re working out to maintain your healthy, curvy figure, get toned, or lose weight, these home and gym exercises and workout routines can help you with that.

My weight loss and fitness goals are to tone up and lose some inches but keep my thick legs and butt with a bit of jiggle. I am a fan of keeping a bit of jiggle on my body. A little grip. As my ex calls it. lol

Funny story. My ex called me the other day on video chat and when I got up to get something, he saw my butt. He gon’ say, “damn, your butt got big! Usually, you have to pay for that, but all you had to do is sit and eat!”

He’s from Ghana. Born and raised. These are things they culturally, comfortably say… I wasn’t salty about it. Ok, just a little, but it was more so funny than anything.

On to the workouts…

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At Home for Plus Size Women | Workout for Beginners | by Head to Curve

Plus Size Abs Workout with Ioana Chira | by Ioana Chira

Plus Size Workout Video | Cardio, Strength | by CeCe Olisa

Plus Size Workout At Home | Beginner Friendly Upper Body Workout Routine | by TheBritainSnowEffect

My Plus Size At Home Workout for Fat Loss | by Alexis Veal

Plus Size Workout: Strength Train and Get Confident At the Gym | by XOXOKAYMO

Plus Size / Beginner Workout / Low Impact / No Equipment (Under 10 minutes) by It’s Mara B

Plus Size AB Workout Routine | Tone Butt + Thighs (At Home) | by Actionwithjackson

Plus Size HIIT Full Body Workout | by The Katrina Nichole

Plus Size 30 Minute HIIT Workout | by The Sarah Taylor

Happy workout!

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